Bloom Watch: High Park

Spring is in the Air! And the array of sweet aromas are beginning to fill the atmosphere around us. A sunny April day is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time at a park, High Park to be exact. And you better act fast or you may miss out on the beauty of the yearly phenomena known as the High Park Cherry Blossoms.

With countless people snapping photographs, families and friends coming together to “ooh” and “ahh” at the marvelous imagery they see in front of them, you’d hardly ever guess you were taking a stroll through High Park on a Wednesday afternoon. But the power of nature to create beauty that brings everyone together is a really special quality that can be witnessed in its full spectrum as nature puts on its own show.

You can follow the Blossom progress on the official website ( According to the experts the Blossoms are currently at 95% bloom, and with Toronto weather forecasts being  seemingly unclear (and possible cold and windy), I suggest that you all  plan a visit to the park this weekend to take in the marvelous sight.  In Japanese culture, the Blossoms are a popular symbol of rebirth and renewal, and they must be right because after my casual stroll I already feel refreshed and recharged !

Happy Spring 2012 !



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